13 March, 2008


Presently, cyclists are using the roads but we don’t seem to have any control over the use of bicycle on roads. Cyclists do not need to know traffic signs and rules, no minimum age requirement and maximum age limit, no ‘when you drink, don’t cycle’ rule and etc. I think this is not right. I think we should formulate some rules and control over the use of bicycle.

In Tokyo people cycle often. People cycle to train station to take a train to work. People in Tokyo cycle on footpath and pedestrian walks. It was annoying at first but later I got used to it. As compare to Singapore, the cyclists in Tokyo are better protected from road accidents.

I think there is a case for Singapore to consider. We need to see what we can do to help protecting the cyclists from road accidents. As I understand, we are unable to build bicycle lanes as we have limited land in Singapore and maybe the cost too is a factor. In this case, can we allow cyclist to use the footpaths and pedestrian walks? It might be inconvenient for the pedestrians, but won't it be better then lives being killed ?

Can't Singapore do something about it ?

08 March, 2008

MM blames complacency for JI leader's escape

In today's Straits Times first page headline, it says :

MM blames complacency for JI leader's escape

It is similar to what I have posted on my blog on 28/2/2008.

07 March, 2008


增加年长者乘车优惠? 林双吉:援助不是根据年龄