27 July, 2009

Thanks to SPH

There was feedback given to the relevant authorities but no action was taken until SPH revealed the unlawful practices of NKF. From there investigations showed more charitable organisations involved in malpractices of the public donated money including the recent modern monk's case. Thanks to SPH.

Brookes Business School
Relevant authority was informed 2 years ago of Brookes Business School giving out fake degree but it was lightly dealt with until The Straits Times reported the case recently. Thanks to SPH again.
It was also reported that Brookes did not purchase full insurance for their students and did not handout the policies to them.
I checked with my friend who is studying in a private school here. She too did not receive the policy from her school.
I wonder how many more private schools are doing this ? can the relevant authorities carry out a thorough check on our private schools like what it was done to the charitable organisations ?

24 July, 2009

Temasek Holdings' Unresolved Strategic Differences

I wrote in February in my blog I was so glad to learn that our PM's wife, Ho Ching would leave Temasek Holdings from 1 Oct 2009 and Mr Goodyear would take over her place as the new CEO.
No reason was given for her intended departure but later I learned that she had lost S$58 billions of our money away. I wondered how much did she get in her bonus for making such a huge loss of our money ? I wrote to ask but got no reply.
Then 2 days ago Temasek Holdings gave a shocking announcement that Mr Goodyear would not take over Ms Ho Ching place and she would continue her CEO post after Oct 2009.
Reason given for Mr Goodyear's shock exit was 'Unresolved strategic differences'.
As the CEO-designate, I wounder who dared to have differences with him ? surely it has to be someone on par or above him, who can heshe be ?
So family business continues in Singapore. This is not nepotism but just that others outside the family are still not good enough.

13 July, 2009

Hokkaido n Tokyo - 28 June to 7 July 2009 北海道加东京 - 零九年七月

Went with Chan Brothers to Hokkaido in a group of 30.
I had been to Hokkaido but it was in the winter during Sapporo Snow Festival in Feb 1995.
This time it was in the summer. Weather was good at max 28°C.
Though Lavender was still not fully blossomed yet, we managed to see its beauty.
Hotels were good especially those Japanese style ryokan provided good hot spring bath and good traditional Japanese meal.
I really enjoyed the food in this trip. Kobe beef, Hokkaido crab, Otoro, Sushi, Hokkaido Ramen and etc.
Not much to shop in Hokkaido but we did well in Tokyo.
We extended our trip in Tokyo for 4 days 3 nights. Stayed in Sunroute Shinjuku. It was just opposite the South Gate of Shinjuku JR station, very convenient.
We arrived in Tokyo on Saturday morning. Started shopping immediately upon arrival. Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya were packed with shoppers on Saturday and Sunday.
Also had a hair cut in Harajuku.
It was a great trip.

Arrival in Tokyo Narita Airport connecting flight to Hokkaido

Arrival in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokkaido Crab for Lunch

Plus Sushi

After lunch, had a P with a good view of Sapporo

Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo City

Visit Hokkaido Temple

Temple girls

Lavender Garden


Hello Boss ! Apple please.

Hot Spring Resort Town, Noboribetsu

Hell Valley Geyser

Get Ready for Hot Spring Bath

Time for Japanese Sake

Place for Good Sake, Otokoyama Sake Brewery

And a Good Ramen ?
再来个拉面如何 ?

Shopping for Omiyage Presents.

Arrival in Shinjuku, Tokyo


Shopping in Harajuku
Green Tea or Wasabi Ice-Cream ?

LV Harajuku
Prada Harajuku


A Little Edo Time of Ginza
Bye Bye Tokyo - Narita Airport