17 May, 2014

Tony & Meng Choo's Wedding @XiYan 喜宴on 17 May 2014. (4.5*)

This is a small private Dining Restaurant with a maximum of 5 to 6 tables of 10 pax.
Owner told me that it is into their 9th years and by Sep this year, it would be their 10th years.
Food here is very nice, the first dish of  Greenhouse Tomatoes in wasabi sesame source is their classic dish. The tomatoes are so flash and tasty blended with the special source, it is so good that I won't forget.
The other dish that I like very much is the steamed fish with Kway Teow. The Kway Teow I think is nicer than the fish.    
What a great wedding dinner that Tony and Meng Choo had at this very unique place!
I heard the next day Chow Yun-fat celebrated his Birthday here.





15 May, 2014

White Rabbit 15 May 2014.****

The White Rabbit is a restaurant converted from a church @ Dempsey.
Ladyironchef (a food blogger) think this place is romantic. 
As the area is big with tables lined up in rows and with the echo from customers' conversation, it looked more like a canteen to me. 
The food here is very nice, so as the Champaign and red wines brought by Steve.
I took Wagyu Carpaccio and Braised Oxtail. I like both dishes.
The Carpaccio is very thing and with very nice truffle smell.
The Braised Oxtail is well cooked and is very tender. 
I also tried Steve's 36-hours Brandt Short Ribs and it was simply fantastic!



Wagyu Carpaccio

Lobster Bisque

Braised Oxtail

Short Ribs


Pork Collar

Me, Jacklyn and Steve

13 May, 2014

Burnt Ends 13 May 2014.****

This place was recommended by a staff of Andrea Restaurant. Made a booking by phone a month ago for dinner and was told that I could only reserve for 6pm or 6.30pm. As timing is too early for me to rush from work, I settled the booking on Vesak Day at 6.30pm.
I walked pass but missed the entrance as the door was small and signage was not obvious. Dimly lighted with a row of counter seats in front of the open kitchen and a table with six seats at the end of the counter a step down. The best thing of this place was that there was no smoke though they have an open kitchen serving BBQ food.
The bearded Australian chef looked fierce but I was told that he is not. The waitress spoke to us in Chinese as my wife is a Taiwanese. She patiently went through the menu and drink list with us and recommend food for us.
Yes, the food, service, ambience were all good.  Thank you!