27 August, 2014

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro 27 Aug 2014****

I like this place because it is in a residential estate away from the busy commercial area like Orchard Road. Ordered NZ Oysters because the water there is much cleaner. It turned out to be the right choice. The NZ Oysters are very fresh and sweet. Jessie ordered Crabmeat Pasta Vongole and it was excellent. Service was good, price is reasonable. After dinner we proceeded to Rubato Pub at the other corner of this row of shops, sitting outside for a relaxing drink. Unfortunately, it soon started to rain and we quickly grab a cab and home. It was an enjoyable night indeed.

22 August, 2014

Jessie's BD @Kaiseki Yoshiyuki 22 Aug 2014

This place is at B1 Forum Shopping Mall sharing the premises with Horse's Mouth Izakaya. We ordered a bottle of Tatenokawa Shuryu Sake but it was run out, then we settle for a bottle of Bijoufu which is also their last bottle. The Sake was very smooth and very nice. The Head Chef Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara San was formerly the personal chef for the Japanese Ambassador in Singapore. Yoshiyuki San and a Japanese lady were serving us. They were very attentive and very friendly. The Japanese lady speaks Japanese, English and Mandarin very well. She told us that she learned English because she lived in NZ and Australia for a number of years, she speaks Mandarin because she studied in Qingdao of China. Dishes were beautifully decorated and very tasty. After the dinner we proceeded to Horse's Mouth for one last drink before we headed home. A perfect evening.
           Ikura, Hamo Sushi, Eggplant with Swee Miso, Tako...




Homemade Sesame Tofu 

Suzuki in Ushio Soup

Managatsuo Shio Yaki

Kagoshima Wagyu


Chirimen Rice & Pickles

Miso Soup

Bijoufu Omachi Jumai Daiginjo

Yoshiyuki San and his Japanese Serving Staff

Horse's Mouth

03 August, 2014

Sunday Lunch @Asia Grand Restaurant on 3 August 2014. ***

Celebrating the Birthdays of those who were born in the month of August, namely, Yuen Foong , Eddie, Theresa and Jessie. Jessie was working, did not attend.
Lam San's photo.

Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.

Lam San's photo.


31 July, 2014

Ochin Tapas Bistro. 31 July 2014. ***

Neighborhood Restaurant @ Serangoon Road, not far from City Sqyare.
Reasonable price but nothing special. Not a Spanish Tapas Bistro but some small dishes of fusion food.  ***

Lam San's photo.

Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.

Lam San's photo.


28 July, 2014

26 July, 2014

04 July, 2014

02 July, 2014

Ku De Ta @MBS on 2 July 2014.****

Nice view.




21 June, 2014

Izy@ Club Street on 21 June 2014.****


 Nice Food.
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Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.
Lam San's photo.