27 May, 2008

Sri Lanka 0508 斯里兰卡

Arrival at the airport

Beach behind the hotel

Vesak day Decoration

Elephant Orphanage


Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

A temple

Vesak Day Decoration at Hotel

Roadside Museum

This building purposely built like this ?

Tea Plantation


Tea Factory Hotel which is built like a Tea Factory

Grand Hotel

Plucking Tea leaves

Niagara Falls of Sri Lanka

Independent Monument

Parliament House


Vesak Day Ceremony


10 May, 2008

Corruption and Democracy Ranking 贪污及民主指数排名

The 2007 corruption rankings and World Democracy Audit are listed below.

Country, Corruption Rank, Democracy Rank, GDP (Nominal) Per Capita Rank
Finland 1, 1 , 9
Denmark 1, 2, 7
New Zealand 1, 4, 26
Singapore 4, 74, 21
Sweden 4, 3, 8
Switzerland 6, 5, 6
Netherlands 6, 6, 10
Norway 8, 7, 2
Canada 8, 8, 14
Australia 10, 9, 15
United Kingdom 11, 9
Austria 12, 12, 12
Germany 13, 11, 13
Japan 14, 31, 22
Ireland 14, 14, 5
France 16, 16, 18
United States 17,15, 11

Korea, South 32, 32, 34
Malaysia 32, 82, 63
Taiwan26, 38, ?
China 57, 121, 105
India 57, 47, 131
Thailand 67, 88, 89
Indonesia 115, 71, 115

09 May, 2008

塑胶袋, Plastic Bags

很久以前,没有塑胶袋。上巴杀要拿个大篮子。 菜和肉都用报纸来包。买汤类熟食的话,还要自己带容器去装。好麻烦。

In the old days, when there was no plastic bag, people needed to bring along a basket to buy things at market. Vegetables and meat were wrapped in newspaper. Buying soup needed to bring along your own container, troublesome.
After the invention of plastic bag, it brought along a lot of convenient. Plastic bag is light and durable. it could contain cold and hot, dry and wet goods.
But now government wants us to use less plastic bags, some shops do not give out free plastic bags anymore. It brings us back to the old days again?

Environment Ministry says that plastic bag is made of fuel, if we could reduce the use of plastic bag it could help to save fuel. Moreover when plastic bag becomes trash, burning of trash will create carbon and will damage the atmosphere.
Will producing plastic bags consume a lot of fuel ? if so, plastic bags cannot be so cheap.
To reduce the use of fuel, why Singapore keeps increasing its car population every year ? why don't they solve the traffic jam problem at Central Expressway ? instead of allowing cars jammed at the expressway burning away fuel and emitting carbon.

I do not support the campaign to use less plastic bags for 2 reasons.
First is the target group. Second is the effectiveness.
Majority of the people who go to markets are housewives and elderly. Why create inconvenient to them ? But allow the rich to drive big cars ?
Why don't we reduce the car population ? why don't we set a policy to discourage use of big cars ?
Why target group of government campaign is always the weak lower group of people ? but allowing the rich car owners to continue enjoying themselves?

08 May, 2008

Singapore's GDP per capita 平均每人國內生產總值

When Singapore became independent in 1965, our GDP (nominal) per capita was US$512. In 2007, it grew to US$35,163.

Singapore is ranked number 21 by IMF , 22 by World Bank and 25 by CIA of highest GDP(nominal) per capita country in the world in 2007.

Singapore is ranked number 4 by World Bank and ranked number 6 by IMF and CIA of highest GDP(PPP) per capita country in the world in 2007. On top of US, Switzerland and UK.

GDP(PPP) means Gross Domestic Product at Purchasing Power Parity.

05 May, 2008

言论自由 Freedom of Speech




Singapore has been criticised for lack of freedom of speech.

Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-religious society. We need to have mutual understandings and respects by different races and religions in order to live peacefully and harmoniously together. We can't act like the western countries, using freedom of speech as an excuse to insult others' religions and behaviours.

On the other hand, on matters which do not concern religious or racial, I feel our government could let us have more space and more freedom of speech.

04 May, 2008

自由 Freedom


喝酒不能驾车,我了解。喝酒不能走路, 神经病!



Americans criticise Singapore of not having freedom. People can't chew gums produced by them.
But in America, I was not able to drink a can of beer in the street as in America, most states ban drinking alcoholic beverages in public.
And you call this a free country ?
I can understand one should not drink and drive, but I can't understand why one can't drink and walk ? Mad !

Americans criticise Singapore of not having freedom. But our girls can walk in the street freely and safely at night.
However in America, even man can't walk freely in some streets during daytime.

Who has got more freedom than who ?

新加坡人的民主 Singapore's Democracy



如果有一天,执政党做的不好,人民是会选出更多的反对党议员的,甚致选出新的执政党来成立政府。但那不是我们所希望的, 我们希望的是拥有一个好的政府,继续为新加坡人民带来更好的生活。


Many people think Singapore ruled mainly by one party and has no democracy.

Al thought Singapore does not have strong opposition parties, the government is elected by the people, this is democracy. This is Singapore people's choice, Singapore people's democracy.

If one day the ruling party continues to do badly, the people of Singapore will elect more opposition MPs into the parliament, or even to form a new government. But this is not what Singapore people hope for, what we hope for is to have a good government continues to do well and continue to bring us a better life.

Not necessary need to follow what the western world is doing, we can have our own democracy.