10 February, 2009

Temasek holdings lost $39 billions last year

Just read the news in CNN, and in CNN it's got to be US$ instead of S$. I was just in my earlier post said that Temasek has more than US $100 billions asset, and in one year it lost $39 billions. Nepotism kills. Who should be responsible ? Ho Ching and those who appointed her as CEO of Temasek?
No wonder she is running away !
I wonder how much bonuses did Temasek give out last year for the good job done for the lost of US$39 billion?

07 February, 2009

Ho Ching to Leave Temasek Holdings

What a great news this is !

There were allegations of nepotism since she took over the job in 2002. If she was not married to our PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong, would she be appointed for the job as the CEO of Temasek Holdings which has an asset of over US$100 billions and is owned by the Singapore government ?

Already in 2007 Mr Lee Hsien Yang, our PM's brother had stepped down from Singtel which is majority owned by Temasek Holdings and now Ms Ho Ching is stepping down from Temasek Holdings from 1 Oct 2009, it makes Singapore a more democratic society.

What's next ? when is our PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong, son of Singapore's first PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew going to step down, so that the allegation of nepotism could be totally eliminated ?

Although it takes time, I hope to see Singapore becomes a more open and democratic country.

04 February, 2009

Morocco 摩洛哥 23 Jan - 1 Feb 2009

Morocco is a good place to visit. A lot of things to see and people are generally friendly. You don't get harassed like in Egypt.

Though it is a Muslim country, it is quite open, can get wine and beer easier than the US. Morocco actually produces wine and beer. A bottle of Moroccan red wine may cost as little as S$5 in supermarket.

Food is fine but when you eat the same thing everyday, you get sick of it.

Weather was still a little cold at around 4ºC in Jan.

Dubal Airport

Casablanca 卡萨布兰卡

Rabat 拉巴特

Meknes 梅克内斯

Moulay Idriss City 穆莱伊德里斯市

Roman City of Volubilis