29 June, 2010

Marina Barrage

Dear Mr Lam,

We refer to your feedback to the Prime Minister concerning facilities in parks, which was forwarded to the Ministry of National Development for follow up. We are evaluating your suggestions and will respond you shortly.

Yours sincerely

Trina Khoo

Head/Infrastructure Division

Ministry of National Development

From: Joon Hin Lam [mailto:lamjh123@yahoo.com]
Sunday, 27 June, 2010 8:46 PM
PMO Hsien Loong LEE
Subject: Marina Barrage

Dear Prime Minister,

I went to Marina Barrage on a hot Sunday afternoon. I saw many families with children playing at the pool and fountain on the ground floor (quite a few Malay families). There are also families flying kites on the roof top (Mainly Chinese). It was a perfect scene of happy family outing. I feel good for what PUB has done.

Presently, most of our parks do not have ‘Play” element in there. I wonder if we can build more such water theme park in our existing parks and also provide open space without trees for kite flying.

If we can attrack more family outing in our parks, we promote better family bonds.

Provide facilities for those who cannot afford to go to Resort World Sentosa will also close up the gap between the rich and poor.
Thank you.

Lam Joon Hin