30 August, 2009

Inagiku 29.8.09

See the nude sushi girl behind ?

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25 August, 2009

KL 0809 吉隆坡 0809

Petronas Twin Towers

Club near KLCC
KLCC 附近的酒吧



24 August, 2009

Oh my God !

Extracts from PM's National Day Rally speech :

One side insists: 'I'm doing God's work.' The other side says: 'I'm doing my God's work.' Both sides say: 'I cannot compromise. These are absolute imperatives.' The result will be a clash between different religious groups which will tear us apart.

Aggressive preaching - proselytisation. You push your own religion on others, you cause nuisance and offence. We hear, from time to time, complaints about groups trying to convert very ill patients in our hospitals, who don't want to be converted, and who don't want to have the private difficult moments in their lives intruded upon.

Intolerance is another problem - not respecting the beliefs of others or not accommodating others who belong to different religions.

Sometimes we have parents from traditional religions whose children have converted. The parents have asked to be buried according to traditional rites and their children stay away from the funeral or the wake. It's very sad. From a traditional point of view, it's the ultimate unfilial act but it does happen occasionally.

The way the Government looked at one recent issue, AWARE:
what worried us was that this was an attempt by a religiously motivated group who shared a strong religious fervour to enter civil space, take over an NGO it disapproved of, and impose their agenda. It was bound to provoke a push back from groups that held the opposite view, which indeed happened vociferously and stridently.

how I felt :
whenever you tried to push your religion onto me, I felt very disturbed. Many would feel the same as I did. So, please don't force.