30 March, 2014

Takumi @Marina at Keppel Bay 30 March 2014

The restaurant is situated at Keppel Island. It is recommended by my hair dresser Hori San. Food is good and not very expensive. It gave me a good opportunity to come to Keppel Island.
Ceiling of the building


22 March, 2014

Restaurant Bacchanalia - 22 March 2014

Good service, good food but the presentation of food was no good. 
Lovely atmosphere with dim light, nice classical deco and big comfortable dining hall.


20 March, 2014

Restaurant Onaka @ARC Alexandra

This place is more a cafe than a restaurant to me. Came here because I read many good reviews of this place. Food is good but I don't think there is enough attractions for me to come back again since it is quite far from my place.

15 March, 2014

Shelter In The Woods - 15 Mar 2014

It was a Saturday night, located in Greenwood Avenue, this place was packed. We sat at the bar counter. The staff were very nice but they were short of hands.  Food was very good but we waited 45 minutes for our desserts. May be next time we should come during weekdays and also to try their famous suckling pig. 

09 March, 2014

08 March, 2014

Kuala Lumour Trip - 6 to 8 March 2014

We went to KL because Ian and Sami were there from Beijing for a wedding Dinner.
We arrived at One World Hotel at around 1pm on 6 March 2014.
We didn't do much except eat and drink.

We started at One World Shopping Mall for KL Bak Ku Teh.
You Zha Kueh was really crispy and tasty, unless those in Singapore, soft, cold and tasteless.
Then at the same shopping mall we had Tea and Kueh.
In the evening we went to CentrePoint for Prawn Mee then went down stairs for drink and pool games. 
Next day morning we had breakfast in the hotel.
And in the evening we went to Happer for food and drinks.