25 December, 2010

No Death Penalty in Singapore

Many cases of Indonesian maids killed their employers in Singapore. None's got death sentence. Knew long ago that this recent case would be the same. Now they claim she is underage. Singaporeans already know too well of what the result will be. Continue to kill your bosses. Can always be justified that you are mentally ill or underage.

11 December, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize

To counter Norway awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize to imprisoned Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo, I think China should award a Peace Prize to Wilileaks' Julian Assange.
Ask Sweden to release him to China to receive the award.

23 November, 2010

Mas Selamat's escape

Fugitive terrorist Mas Selamat escaped from detetion was given shelter by his brother. Thousands of policemen were sent to search in Singapore jungles but never search his relatives or friends' homes nor have them under survillance. Yet the govt claimed it was not a security lapse but lack of resources to do so. As usual, our govt never admit mistake.