13 September, 2010

Most Terrible Thing That May Happen

The most terrible thing that may happen to you is not being held hostage by terrorists, but the Philippines police coming to rescue you.

12 September, 2010

Quran Burning

On a Florida pastor planning to burn Quran on 911 of 2010, the UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki Moon said :
"Such action cannot be condoned by any religion. They contradict the efforts of the UN and many people around the world to promote tolerance, intercultural understanding and mutual respect between cultures and religions."
Then, what has the UN done ?
The American think their freedom of speech is more important than racial and religious harmony. They are protected by their Constitution to harm such harmony.
Why can't they amend their Constitution ?
The Danish Cartoonist who caricatured Prophet Muhammad has been awarded the M100 Media Prize 2010. In the ceremony, German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the Danish Cartoonist for his achievements on freedom of speech.
The westerners continue to think they are more superior to other races and religions.