29 February, 2008


What Went Wrong . Complacent. Singapore?

First, F1 ticket chaos

Then, Traffic and crowd problem of Singapore air show 2008

And now, Escape of JI leader

27 February, 2008

West Side Story

The Straits Times report today "Hotel rates up, as visitor arrivals hit record".

The take up rate for HDB flats in the west is low. People do not like to stay at the west because there are many factories, people believe that the air quality there is not too good.

Since Singaporeans do not want to stay at the west, can we not create a hotel zone there and move the middle class hotels, budget hotels to the west and let the tourists of package tours stay there ? These tourists are taken by tourist buses for sightseeing and only come back to hotel to sleep at night. They do not need to stay in expensive city area.

By doing so it may help to slow down the increase of hotel room rate and may also ease the congestion in the city and China Town areas.

24 February, 2008


身非菩提, 心无明镜, 不勤拂拭, 终惹尘埃 ?

23 February, 2008

Lucky Plaza, Singapore

Went to a shop in Lucky Plaza to buy a LCD screen protective film for my camera. Last time I bought it in a shop here was $13. I went back to the same shop but they had run out of stock. So I went to a neighbouring shop to buy. This guy took out the same thing that I bought before. The price tag showed $39. I shook my head and wanted to leave. He asked me why. I told him it was too expensive. He then said "ok I sell you $30". I told him that I bought it from neighbouring shop at $13. And he said "ok, loh!".
Guys, do not go to Lucky Plaza if you do not know the price.

22 February, 2008

Youth Olympic Games 2010

Congratulations Singapore, for winning the bid to host the First Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010. We are proud of Singapore, proud of being a member of Singapore.
Many young participants of the games may not know Singapore well and many may have misconception of Singapore. This is an opportunity for us to show it to them and show it to the world of the true Singapore.
We should not just do well in organising the games; we should also take this opportunity to take Singapore to higher levels in all aspects like what Beijing is doing.
One area that I like to see improvement is our social behaviors. We don’t stand on the left when using escalator, we rush in before people could get out of MRT train, we sit at staircase, we walk in one horizontal line and therefore causing obstruction, we do not have the habit of saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

Wrote to PM Lee one Saturday afternoon. He replied within 20 minutes and said :

"I agree completely with you that we should use this opportunity to take Singapore to higher levels, especially in our social behaviours. We intend to learn from what Beijing is doing, and get the Small Kindness Movement to participate in this effort"

20 February, 2008

Japan 日本

Stayed in Tokyo for a year from 2004 to 2005.


I do not know why most Japanese do not speak English well. They studied English in school and there is at least one English language school nearby most train stations.

I have a funny thought. Maybe the government does not want to encourage people to know English too well ?? Easier to control the people when they read only Japanese newspapers, Japanese books, watch only NHK TV, surf only on Japanese websites ??? But why so many English language schools ? For show, so that you can't blame the government for not encouraging people to learn English ???

Met many Asian friends, from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and etc. They too, do not speak English well. I found Singaporean having advantages over our Asian friends in many areas because we know English. I also met young Singaporeans traveled on their own in different parts of the world. They can do it because they speak English (and of course they can afford too). Japanese need to go in group.

I went to Chinese schools. I was quite upset with the government when I saw Chinese schools being replaced by English schools in the old days. But now, I think it was the right decision.

Household Appliances and Cars

In Singapore we import a lot of Japanese products, we watch 40 inches TV, use big refrigerator, drive big Japanese car. But in Tokyo, the Japanese watch small TV, use small fridge, drive small car because their houses are small, car parks are small, roads are narrow.


Japanese women prepare breakfast for husband to eat and lunch for husband to bring to work. After work, they do housework and look after children. They have no foreign maid. When go dating, Japanese girls will take their own train ride there, pay their share of bill.

As compare to them, Singapore women, girls are so lucky.


Other than crowded city centre, people cycle in Tokyo. Women with high heel shoes cycle with a child in the front basket and another one in the rear basket. The working class cycle from their apartment to train station to take a train to work.

People cycle at footpath. It was annoying at first but later I got used to it.

As compare to Singapore, the cyclists in Japan are better protected from road accidents. How many cyclists were killed on Singapore roads ? Shall we not change our policy to protect them ?


Used to love Japanese food before my stay in Tokyo because Japanese food here in Singapore is very expensive and going to Japanese restaurant is such a high class enjoyment. But after eating Japanese food everyday in Tokyo, I started to have a funny thought. I doubted the Japanese really know how to cook. That is why they eat raw food most of the time.

Jordan Israel Feb 2008 约旦,以色列

Went for a trip to Jordan & Israel from 6 Feb 2008 to 14 Feb 2008.
Preta was great, a must go.
Israel too was very interesting and educational. Lots of feeling on why different religions killing one another.




Jordan Israel border

Getting into Israel from Jordan border took us a couple of hours. I do not know why they need to take so long.

Sea of Galilee. It is just a lake and nothing much.

Capemaum, the centre of Jusus's Ministry

Church of Tabgha where Jesus performed the miracle of the Loves and Fishes

A church next to Capemaum

Port of Acre

Old Jafa Port

Tel Aviv

Spot where Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Bahai Gardens, Haifa of Israel.
I was impressed and wrote to relavant authoritirs in Singapore asking if we could do up our Mount Faber like this too ?


From the days of Roman Emperor Constantine until the Arab conquest in 638, Jews were banned from Jerusalem but were allowed back into the city by Muslim rulers.
In 1099, Jerusalem was besieged by the first Crusaders, who killed most of its Muslim and Jewish inhabitants - Wikipedia.

由于耶路撒冷是三大宗教圣地,为了争夺圣地,自古以来,在这里不知发生过多少次残酷的征战。耶路撒冷先后18次被夷为平地,但每次之后都得到复兴 - 新华网.

View from Mount of Olives at Jerusalem

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
Solomon's Temple was built atop the Temple Mount in the 10th century BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The Second Temple was built in 516 BCE. In around 19 BCE Herod the Great began a massive expansion project on the Temple Mount. He artificially expanded the area which resulted in an enlarged platform. Today's Western Wall formed part of the retaining perimeter wall of this platform.
Herod's Temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire, along with the rest of Jerusalem in 70 CE during the First Jewish*Roman war. However, the Western Wall was spared.
Jews around the world turn their eyes to the Western Wall, also know as the Wailing Wall, which is the closest location to the place where the temple used to stand where Jews can pray. The wall we know today was a part of the temple's western wall, hence its name. Believers leave notes in the cracks between the wall's stones.
Today, the Wailing Wall is a part of the wall surrounding the Muslim Mosques on Temple Mount.


Hall for The Last Supper

Museum of the Holocaust Yad Vashem
Bought a book at the museum, it says " The Hatred (of Jews) nutured by ancient Christian concepts regardded the Jews as the people of Israel and the people of Messiah, but also as the people who had rejected its redeemer Jusus, and thus ....."



Dead sea

Tunisia Dec 2007 突尼西亞

Tunisia is in North Africa. It was ruled by the Roman, Span, Turk & French before. Other than Arabic, the people speak french too. The tour attrcted me because I wanted to have a feel of Sahara desert. This tour has a bit of everything. Roman colosseum, Fortress, salt lake, train ride, canyon, cavehouses, beaches, and etc.

We arrived in Tunisia at around 12.30pm. This photo is taken when leaving the airport at 3.45pm. They took a long time to issue visa to us.

La Kasbah is our hotel at Kairouan. It was conveted from a fortress.

Street hawker

Coffee shop where there is no women

Beautiful Tunisian door

Tunisian Carpets


Tunis train

This is not the Great Canyon but Mides canyon in Sahara Desert of Tunisia

Mides, Algerian border



Nefta - Star Wars site

Nice roadside toilets

Salt Lake of Chott El Jerid


Camel ride

Our hotel at Matmata

Market in Djerba

El Jem Colosseum

Butcher in Sousse

Poultry seller in Sousse

Cat woman

El kantaoui

The aqueduct bringing water to the Roman town

Sidi Bou Said, an interesting town with only blue and white buildings.

Doha and Iran Jan 2008 多哈及伊朗

Not much to see in Doha but quite an experience in Iran. The people there are very friendly too. They approached us for conversation and sometime for photos together.

Qartari Desert Safari.

Satdiums for Asia Game 2007.

New Doha Business Centre

Shopping Centre


Arriving at airport in cold weather

Persepolis, Shiraz

Persepolis, Shiraz

Karim Khan Citadel, Shiraz

Nasirol-Molk Mosque, Shiraz


Tower of Silence (Sky Burial), Yazd

Fire Temple, Yazd

Badgris (Wind Tower) which is a wind catcher for buildings, Yazd.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Imam Khomeini Square, Isfahan

Imam Khomeini Square, Isfahan

Siose Pol, Bridges of 33 Arches, Isfahan

Saad Abad Palace

Persian Teardrop Vases for women to keep tear when husband is away.

Who is uglier ? National Museum in Tehran.