20 February, 2008

Jordan Israel Feb 2008 约旦,以色列

Went for a trip to Jordan & Israel from 6 Feb 2008 to 14 Feb 2008.
Preta was great, a must go.
Israel too was very interesting and educational. Lots of feeling on why different religions killing one another.




Jordan Israel border

Getting into Israel from Jordan border took us a couple of hours. I do not know why they need to take so long.

Sea of Galilee. It is just a lake and nothing much.

Capemaum, the centre of Jusus's Ministry

Church of Tabgha where Jesus performed the miracle of the Loves and Fishes

A church next to Capemaum

Port of Acre

Old Jafa Port

Tel Aviv

Spot where Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Bahai Gardens, Haifa of Israel.
I was impressed and wrote to relavant authoritirs in Singapore asking if we could do up our Mount Faber like this too ?


From the days of Roman Emperor Constantine until the Arab conquest in 638, Jews were banned from Jerusalem but were allowed back into the city by Muslim rulers.
In 1099, Jerusalem was besieged by the first Crusaders, who killed most of its Muslim and Jewish inhabitants - Wikipedia.

由于耶路撒冷是三大宗教圣地,为了争夺圣地,自古以来,在这里不知发生过多少次残酷的征战。耶路撒冷先后18次被夷为平地,但每次之后都得到复兴 - 新华网.

View from Mount of Olives at Jerusalem

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
Solomon's Temple was built atop the Temple Mount in the 10th century BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The Second Temple was built in 516 BCE. In around 19 BCE Herod the Great began a massive expansion project on the Temple Mount. He artificially expanded the area which resulted in an enlarged platform. Today's Western Wall formed part of the retaining perimeter wall of this platform.
Herod's Temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire, along with the rest of Jerusalem in 70 CE during the First Jewish*Roman war. However, the Western Wall was spared.
Jews around the world turn their eyes to the Western Wall, also know as the Wailing Wall, which is the closest location to the place where the temple used to stand where Jews can pray. The wall we know today was a part of the temple's western wall, hence its name. Believers leave notes in the cracks between the wall's stones.
Today, the Wailing Wall is a part of the wall surrounding the Muslim Mosques on Temple Mount.


Hall for The Last Supper

Museum of the Holocaust Yad Vashem
Bought a book at the museum, it says " The Hatred (of Jews) nutured by ancient Christian concepts regardded the Jews as the people of Israel and the people of Messiah, but also as the people who had rejected its redeemer Jusus, and thus ....."



Dead sea

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