22 February, 2008

Youth Olympic Games 2010

Congratulations Singapore, for winning the bid to host the First Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010. We are proud of Singapore, proud of being a member of Singapore.
Many young participants of the games may not know Singapore well and many may have misconception of Singapore. This is an opportunity for us to show it to them and show it to the world of the true Singapore.
We should not just do well in organising the games; we should also take this opportunity to take Singapore to higher levels in all aspects like what Beijing is doing.
One area that I like to see improvement is our social behaviors. We don’t stand on the left when using escalator, we rush in before people could get out of MRT train, we sit at staircase, we walk in one horizontal line and therefore causing obstruction, we do not have the habit of saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

Wrote to PM Lee one Saturday afternoon. He replied within 20 minutes and said :

"I agree completely with you that we should use this opportunity to take Singapore to higher levels, especially in our social behaviours. We intend to learn from what Beijing is doing, and get the Small Kindness Movement to participate in this effort"

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