20 February, 2008

Tunisia Dec 2007 突尼西亞

Tunisia is in North Africa. It was ruled by the Roman, Span, Turk & French before. Other than Arabic, the people speak french too. The tour attrcted me because I wanted to have a feel of Sahara desert. This tour has a bit of everything. Roman colosseum, Fortress, salt lake, train ride, canyon, cavehouses, beaches, and etc.

We arrived in Tunisia at around 12.30pm. This photo is taken when leaving the airport at 3.45pm. They took a long time to issue visa to us.

La Kasbah is our hotel at Kairouan. It was conveted from a fortress.

Street hawker

Coffee shop where there is no women

Beautiful Tunisian door

Tunisian Carpets


Tunis train

This is not the Great Canyon but Mides canyon in Sahara Desert of Tunisia

Mides, Algerian border



Nefta - Star Wars site

Nice roadside toilets

Salt Lake of Chott El Jerid


Camel ride

Our hotel at Matmata

Market in Djerba

El Jem Colosseum

Butcher in Sousse

Poultry seller in Sousse

Cat woman

El kantaoui

The aqueduct bringing water to the Roman town

Sidi Bou Said, an interesting town with only blue and white buildings.

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