20 July, 2013

Don QuiJote @ Dampsey 20.07.13 Dinner

We took a Taxi to Dampsey Hill block 10, We wanted to walk around before we decided what to eat. We remembered we saw a Thai restaurant Tawandang on the way to block 10.   We asked a waiter of Don Quijote for direction. He told us it was very far. So we sat down at Don Quijote. And it turned out to be quite a nice ambience, , tapas and drinks. 

19 July, 2013

Mellben Seafood 19.07.2013 Dinner

After Jessie's recommendation, Ian's wife Sami wanted  to try Mellben's Crab Bee Hoon. Jessie was in Australia but through What's App, she advised us to go to Mellben's Toa Payoh Branch as it was supposed to be less crowded. 
It was true there was no crowd.  It was closed for renovation.
We then drove up to AMK. By the time we arrived, it was already 9+pm. 
However, we still have to queue for a table and waited for food for an hour.
Sami loved it very much, she finished all the crabs and dried up the soup.  


18 July, 2013

Dinner at Gattopardo Italian Grill & Pizza Bar @Fort Canning - 18.07.2013

It's Ian's 60th BD. He wanted to buy me a dinner at a nice place.  However, as he did not book in advance, he couldn't get a decent place. I managed to make a reservation for him at Gattopardo of Fort Canning Hotel. We took a Taxi from Shangri-La to Fort Canning.  On the way up, the sight of the Colonial style Hotel really impressed Ian and Sami. A good start with good service and food, it turned out to be a wonderful night.


Huge fresh oyster

Branzino al Sale 800g
Salted baked Mediterranean Sea Bass

15 July, 2013

Sentosa cove 15.07.2013 Dinner

Came to Quayside Isle Restaurants @Sentosa Cove because I had read about it but had not been here. Since we were going out with Ian for a meal, it was a good opportunity for us to check out this place.
Weather was really nice as it was just after a rain.  We were lucky to have a Chrysler Taxi waited for us in front of Shangri-La Hotel, giving us a comfortable ride all the way here.   
We walked around at Sentosa Cove and decided to sit down at the most crowded restaurant, Brussels Sprouts. This place is known for its Belgian Beer and Mussels.
Yes, we enjoyed the food, and the service was good too.
After that we moved next door to Sabio by the Sea, Tapas & Grill to have our second round of drinks and Tapas.
It was a lovely night.

Brussels Sprouts

Sabio by the Sea 

W Hotel 

14 July, 2013

Ku De Ta @MBS Tower 3, 57 storey 14.07.2013 Dinner

Very disappointing night. Ian and I have both written a review each in tripadvisor.com.
Ian Wrote
'Noise and sound ruin the ambience. At our table near the window all we could hear was the loud bass from the speakers from the balcony bar. The so-called "manager" avoided our many requests we made to the staff to come and talk with us....'
However, the food was good.

Crispy Sticky baby Squid
Takara roll  

Bluefin Tuna 
Oyster with Ikura
Hokkaido Scallops & Prawn Tempura
Robata Grilled Halibut 
Wok Mushroom & Baby Vegetables
Roasted Cod
Apple & Honey 
Warm Bitter Chocolate Cake

JB 12-14.07.2013