20 February, 2008

North Korea April 2007 北朝鲜

Air Koryo 高麗航空
The plane was very noisy

Pyongyang April 2007. 平壤 二零零七年四月。

95th Birthday of late Kim II Sung

War Hero attending late leader's ceremony

Children 孩子
They don't look too bad, do they ?

Metro Station. Can Singapore also dress up our MRT stations ?
地铁站. 新加坡是否可以进一步美化我们的地铁站?

Tram 電車

Housing 组屋

Panmunjon-demarcation line of North & South Korea. The tall building is at South Korea. We were walking into the middle blue hall.
See the dividing line in the middle of the halls ?
板门店-南北韩分界线. 我们正走向中间的蓝色屋子。

Inside the blue hall. The items on the table divide Korea into two. Officer stood at North Korea & cameraman stood at South Korea.

Both were stunned. Yes, our lunch, one person 14 bowls.
两人都傻眼。对, 这是我们的午餐, 一人十四碗。
Shenyang 沈阳

Shenyang 沈阳
Shenyang 沈阳

See what they sell in Vending Machine

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