07 February, 2009

Ho Ching to Leave Temasek Holdings

What a great news this is !

There were allegations of nepotism since she took over the job in 2002. If she was not married to our PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong, would she be appointed for the job as the CEO of Temasek Holdings which has an asset of over US$100 billions and is owned by the Singapore government ?

Already in 2007 Mr Lee Hsien Yang, our PM's brother had stepped down from Singtel which is majority owned by Temasek Holdings and now Ms Ho Ching is stepping down from Temasek Holdings from 1 Oct 2009, it makes Singapore a more democratic society.

What's next ? when is our PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong, son of Singapore's first PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew going to step down, so that the allegation of nepotism could be totally eliminated ?

Although it takes time, I hope to see Singapore becomes a more open and democratic country.

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