04 May, 2008

新加坡人的民主 Singapore's Democracy



如果有一天,执政党做的不好,人民是会选出更多的反对党议员的,甚致选出新的执政党来成立政府。但那不是我们所希望的, 我们希望的是拥有一个好的政府,继续为新加坡人民带来更好的生活。


Many people think Singapore ruled mainly by one party and has no democracy.

Al thought Singapore does not have strong opposition parties, the government is elected by the people, this is democracy. This is Singapore people's choice, Singapore people's democracy.

If one day the ruling party continues to do badly, the people of Singapore will elect more opposition MPs into the parliament, or even to form a new government. But this is not what Singapore people hope for, what we hope for is to have a good government continues to do well and continue to bring us a better life.

Not necessary need to follow what the western world is doing, we can have our own democracy.

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