09 May, 2008

塑胶袋, Plastic Bags

很久以前,没有塑胶袋。上巴杀要拿个大篮子。 菜和肉都用报纸来包。买汤类熟食的话,还要自己带容器去装。好麻烦。

In the old days, when there was no plastic bag, people needed to bring along a basket to buy things at market. Vegetables and meat were wrapped in newspaper. Buying soup needed to bring along your own container, troublesome.
After the invention of plastic bag, it brought along a lot of convenient. Plastic bag is light and durable. it could contain cold and hot, dry and wet goods.
But now government wants us to use less plastic bags, some shops do not give out free plastic bags anymore. It brings us back to the old days again?

Environment Ministry says that plastic bag is made of fuel, if we could reduce the use of plastic bag it could help to save fuel. Moreover when plastic bag becomes trash, burning of trash will create carbon and will damage the atmosphere.
Will producing plastic bags consume a lot of fuel ? if so, plastic bags cannot be so cheap.
To reduce the use of fuel, why Singapore keeps increasing its car population every year ? why don't they solve the traffic jam problem at Central Expressway ? instead of allowing cars jammed at the expressway burning away fuel and emitting carbon.

I do not support the campaign to use less plastic bags for 2 reasons.
First is the target group. Second is the effectiveness.
Majority of the people who go to markets are housewives and elderly. Why create inconvenient to them ? But allow the rich to drive big cars ?
Why don't we reduce the car population ? why don't we set a policy to discourage use of big cars ?
Why target group of government campaign is always the weak lower group of people ? but allowing the rich car owners to continue enjoying themselves?

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