17 May, 2014

Tony & Meng Choo's Wedding @XiYan 喜宴on 17 May 2014. (4.5*)

This is a small private Dining Restaurant with a maximum of 5 to 6 tables of 10 pax.
Owner told me that it is into their 9th years and by Sep this year, it would be their 10th years.
Food here is very nice, the first dish of  Greenhouse Tomatoes in wasabi sesame source is their classic dish. The tomatoes are so flash and tasty blended with the special source, it is so good that I won't forget.
The other dish that I like very much is the steamed fish with Kway Teow. The Kway Teow I think is nicer than the fish.    
What a great wedding dinner that Tony and Meng Choo had at this very unique place!
I heard the next day Chow Yun-fat celebrated his Birthday here.





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