15 May, 2014

White Rabbit 15 May 2014.****

The White Rabbit is a restaurant converted from a church @ Dempsey.
Ladyironchef (a food blogger) think this place is romantic. 
As the area is big with tables lined up in rows and with the echo from customers' conversation, it looked more like a canteen to me. 
The food here is very nice, so as the Champaign and red wines brought by Steve.
I took Wagyu Carpaccio and Braised Oxtail. I like both dishes.
The Carpaccio is very thing and with very nice truffle smell.
The Braised Oxtail is well cooked and is very tender. 
I also tried Steve's 36-hours Brandt Short Ribs and it was simply fantastic!



Wagyu Carpaccio

Lobster Bisque

Braised Oxtail

Short Ribs


Pork Collar

Me, Jacklyn and Steve

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