27 July, 2009

Thanks to SPH

There was feedback given to the relevant authorities but no action was taken until SPH revealed the unlawful practices of NKF. From there investigations showed more charitable organisations involved in malpractices of the public donated money including the recent modern monk's case. Thanks to SPH.

Brookes Business School
Relevant authority was informed 2 years ago of Brookes Business School giving out fake degree but it was lightly dealt with until The Straits Times reported the case recently. Thanks to SPH again.
It was also reported that Brookes did not purchase full insurance for their students and did not handout the policies to them.
I checked with my friend who is studying in a private school here. She too did not receive the policy from her school.
I wonder how many more private schools are doing this ? can the relevant authorities carry out a thorough check on our private schools like what it was done to the charitable organisations ?

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