24 July, 2009

Temasek Holdings' Unresolved Strategic Differences

I wrote in February in my blog I was so glad to learn that our PM's wife, Ho Ching would leave Temasek Holdings from 1 Oct 2009 and Mr Goodyear would take over her place as the new CEO.
No reason was given for her intended departure but later I learned that she had lost S$58 billions of our money away. I wondered how much did she get in her bonus for making such a huge loss of our money ? I wrote to ask but got no reply.
Then 2 days ago Temasek Holdings gave a shocking announcement that Mr Goodyear would not take over Ms Ho Ching place and she would continue her CEO post after Oct 2009.
Reason given for Mr Goodyear's shock exit was 'Unresolved strategic differences'.
As the CEO-designate, I wounder who dared to have differences with him ? surely it has to be someone on par or above him, who can heshe be ?
So family business continues in Singapore. This is not nepotism but just that others outside the family are still not good enough.

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