16 April, 2008

Macau, Dongguan, ShenZhen April 2008 澳门,东莞,深圳

Budget airline terminal in Hong Kong airport where we took a bus to board a ferry to Macau.

Ferry to Macau

Macau 澳门

Fisherman's Wharf

The Statue of Guan Yin 观音

Bridge joining Macau and Taipa

Venetian Hotel Lobby

Fisherman's Wharf

Empty street in Fisherman's Wharf


St. Dominic Church Macau

Ruins of St Paul's

Civil Administration Office of Macau

Grand Lisboa Casino and Hotel

Grand Lisboa

Old Lisboa Casino

Party at Fisherman's Wharf

My room in Venetian

Venetian Hotel shopping mall

Man Utd shop at Venetian Hotel shopping mall

ShenZhen 深圳

A very good spa centre. Recommended for ladies and guys.

Restaurant where we took traditional Chinese double boiled soups. A very good restaurant just opposite Queen Spa.

Crowded Walking Street at Dong Men 东门

Crowded overhead bridge we decided not to use

Taxi waiting at Hong Kong airport

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