16 February, 2010

Tipping towards good service

I refer to the article today in the Straits Times.

I think the reporter should have done a research on when and why Singapore implemented Service Charge system.

The service Charge system was implemented to avoid problems from tipping system. And now Singapore want to bring back these problems.

I am not impressed of the service provided in the US. In my opinion after travelling more than 60 countries, I think the best service I have experienced was in Japan. And yet, in Japan, they don't have tipping system nor Service Charge system.

Good service is something that service provider must always provide, it should not be varied by tipping.

In Singapore, I tipped the waiters and bartenders at pubs and clubs well and received good service, but others who didn't tip them often not being attended to.

My conclusion - Tipping is Bribery.

(Sent to The ST today at 1.30pm).

(ST published it on 19 Feb).

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