24 December, 2012

Kisho @29 Scotts 24.12.2012

Due to her work, I was not sure if my wife Jessie could go for a Christmas eve dinner until very last minute when most of the popular restaurants were fully booked. Some how I managed to come across this newly opened Japanese Restaurant at a Black and White bungalow at Scotts Road. 

I managed to make a booking just one day before Christmas eve, and when we arrived, I found we were the only two customers in the restaurant as if I had booked the whole restaurant.
The service was very good of course as we had a private chef and a waitress serving only two of us.
They served only Omakase menus. Chef Hamamoto spoke very fluent English and explained every dish to us clearly. He was formerly with Waku Ghin, you can see the similarity of his Uni with Waku Ghin's.
It was a good evening with good food and good service.   

Yuba (made of soybeans ) with Wasabi
Shirauo and Nano Hana

Uni and Caviar

Ankimo (monkfish liver)

Fugu Shirako (pufferfish) with White Truffle


Chef Hamamoto

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