19 August, 2008

Olympic Medals 奥运奖牌

PM said population of China (1.31billions) is 300 times larger than Singapore (4.49millions), so when they get 300 Olympic medals we then have a chance to get one.

But what about Jamaica and New Zealand ?

Jamaica with only 2.76 million people have already won 2 gold and 2 silver medals, including the titles of the fastest man and woman in the world, and expecting to get more. (Eventually they won 11 medals with 6 gold)

New Zealand with 4.08 million people (less than singapore) have won 6 medals, 2 Gold 1 Silver and 3 Bronze. (Eventually they won 9 medals with 3 gold)

Someone said our swimmer Tao Li did not get a medal because she is physically small as compare to other White Swimmers.
But what about Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima ? he is so much smaller than other white swimmers but he has won 4 golds medals in 2 Olympics.

Anymore excuse ?


但牙买加只有两百七十六万人口却拿了两面金牌两面银牌,包括世界上跑的最快的男女荣衔。相信他们还会赢得更多奖牌。 (他们最终赢得11面奖牌,其中6面是金牌)

而新西兰只有四百零八万人口(比新加坡少)却已赢得了六面奖牌,二金一银和三铜。 (他们最终赢得9面奖牌,其中3面是金牌)



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