14 December, 2013

南极 Antarctica, King George Island, Cierva Cove & Hydrurga Rocks - 13 to 14 Dec 2013.

13 Dec 2014, waited in Punta Arenas since the morning for good weather to fly. Eventually got a clearance at 4pm. 5.15pm boarding a plane to King George Island.

Antarctica here we come! -from Punta Arenas, Chile

Arrived at King George Island around 7.30pm

Chilean Antarctica Station Frei.

From Chilean Station Frei, we walked to the shore

Passing by Russian Station

Arrived at the shore

Took a Zodiac to our boat -Ocean Nova
14 Dec 2014, 10.30am -12pm Zodiac Cruise at Cierva Cove:

Tens of thousand years old ice. -good for Whisky on the rock 


2pm-6pm Landing at Hydrurga Rocks:

Gentoo Penguins

Around 8.15pm spotted whales from our boat:

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