23 December, 2013

Easter Island - 20 to 23 Dec 2013

Flew from Santiago to Easter Island on 20 Dec 2013. As there was a delay of flight, by the time we arrived and got out of the airport, it was already after 11pm. Owner of Kaimana Hotel, Mr Marcelo came to take us to his hotel.
Shopping Moai @ Santiago Airport

Hotel Moai @ Kaimana Inn.
Sunbathing Moai

15 Moais

Kissing Moai

Lying Moai

Beach Moais

Show Theatre Moai

Restaurant Moai

Stolen Moai
The British took this Moai from Easter Island and housed it in the British Museum. The Papa Nui people asked for it's return but the British ignored. They then asked the Papa Nui people for the name of the Moai and was told it was Moai Hakananai'a. The British like the name very much without knowing that the name in Papa Nui language means 'stolen moai'.
I like this story and it reminds me of many stolen chinas are still in the British museum.

7 Moais

Moai Jessie
In the village:
Our Hotel
Restaurant opposite our hotel
Very delicious oyster puff I can never forget. Too bad when we went back the next day before we left for the airport, it was not opened yet.
The post office where you can get your passport stamped.

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